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Lat/Long: 28.901361, -89.614639     Elevation: -9999 meters

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Anamaria Endara
Phone Number: 858.295.8280
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Site Name
, Venice LA
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The cell tower located near , Venice LA in the county of is licensed to RigNet SatCom;Inc.. The structure is classified as and licensed by the FCC with tower registration number .

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This site has a microwave antenna on the tower and can be identified with callsign WQNE489, unique system id 3256815 and the latitude/longitude coordinates of 28.901361, -89.614639.

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Site Name
, Venice LA

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Technology & Infrastructure
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Any government licenses?
RigNet SatCom;Inc.

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{ "status": 2 , "logo_url": "" , "more_info_icon": "" , "more_info_link": "" , "ws_link": "" , "help_link": "" , "snapped_lat": 28.9020 , "snapped_lon": -89.6145 }

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