Rent Reduction Notices

SiteBid connects property owners, municipalities, nonprofits and faith-based organizations with complimentary infrastructure lease consultations from experienced consultants.

Lease Rent Reduction Disputes

You may have received rent reduction notices from companies hired by Infrastructure Tenants. They are hired to call property owners and re-negotiate lower rents for the tenant to remain on these properties. SiteBid Infrastructure can assist with rent reduction negotiation to retain or improve your current lease terms.

In some cases, if you do have excessively high rents, it does make sense for Infrastructure tenants to move to another property if their rent is not reduced. However, in many cases, we find that the rent is actually not high enough. The only way to find where your lease stands is to determine how essential to the Infrastructure tenant by identifying the cell traffic requirement of the area, capacity of the current location, availability of surrounding cell sites, zoning code, and replacement cost. We can analyze your current location and assist with a fair and mutually beneficial long-term agreement.

Completion Of Productive Negotiations