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Infrastructure Sites

We empower property owners by providing unprecedented access to the largest, most comprehensive database of utility assets and lease data in the world.

Dedicated to transforming how you manage, lease, and sell utility infrastructure assets, SiteBid helps property owners navigate through the complexities of the utility leasing landscape.

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Lease your Property to Infrastructure Tenants

Add your property to the SiteBid network so Wireless Carriers, Energy Providers, and Infrastructure Companies can find you. Add additional tenants to your existing cell tower through co-location or add new infrastructure to your site by leasing your property to one of the nation’s top carriers and communications providers.

Connect with Energy and Car Charging station providers to add income to your location or start a Power Bank solar/wind farm. SiteBid will get you set up with equipment or connect you with a local partner to help you manage and operate the utility services at your site.

Lease Auctions & Seller Services

SiteBid’s marketplace streamlines the sale of infrastructure leases through our Direct Sale and Lease Auction offerings. If you have an active utility lease on your property, submit your lease details to our network of investors. We Guarantee an offer on your Lease within 72 hours!

Investors submit verified LOI’s to purchase either a fee simple, easement, or a master lease interest on your property with an assignment for your current lease. Owners can view all bids on the Owner Dashboard and respond to potential buyers directly. Terms can be as low as 50 years with the ability to 1031 exchange through a sale or perpetual easement.

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Free Lease Management Tools

Site owners can access free site management tools including access to a personalized Site Manager. Keep all your documents and contacts in one place and get customized reports and downloadable resources to help manage your infrastructure site lease.

Access to Local Experts

We estimate over 1/2 of the infrastructure lease rates are 50% under market value because owners have not had someone representing them! Our experts can help negotiate a new site lease or assist with re-negotiating new terms for your renewal. Talk with a leading team of utility infrastructure and real estate experts to determine the best solutions for your site.

Our Experts provide a free consultation of your site to determine the best solutions for Cell Towers, Charging Stations, Power Farms (Solar and Wind), etc. From site selection to assisting property owners with 1031 exchanging the income from their lease into additional real estate assets, our Experts are here to help.

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Lease Data & Analytics

Through owner-to-owner connections and open-source data, we strive to put lease analytics in the hands of landlords and owners to help with communications, power, transportation, and utility infrastructure lease negotiations. We’ve compiled data on over 23,000 leases to provide market analytics not available to the market.

Utility Infrastructure Map

Explore wireless antennas, car charging stations, solar farms, and properties with utility leases across the world using SiteBid’s Utility Infrastructure Locator. Search properties near you by entering in your address to display all locations within a 2-mile radius. Expand your search and connect with property owners interested in leasing their parcel for infrastructure services.

Filter down your search by utility provider, structure type, site type or 50+ other options. Start searching the Utility Infrastructure Map and explore the sites in your neighborhood.

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Lease Negotiation and Site Management

Utilize our network of experienced utility infrastructure consultants and managers to negotiate your new lease and manage your utility tenant.

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