SiteBid Infrastructure offers specialized services to assist property owners in leveraging their real estate for co-location opportunities, particularly in the realms of communications, energy and power, and transportation infrastructure. Here’s an overview of how property owners can benefit from co-location strategies with the support of SiteBid Infrastructure.

Maximizing Revenue with Co-Location Strategies through SiteBid Infrastructure

SiteBid Infrastructure empowers property owners to enhance their revenue streams by facilitating co-location opportunities on their properties. Co-location involves hosting multiple utility infrastructure assets from different sectors—such as communications, energy, and transportation—on a single site. This approach not only optimizes the use of space but also diversifies income sources, making it a highly attractive strategy for property owners.

Printed Circuit And Optical Fiber

Communications Infrastructure

  • Cell Towers and Rooftop Antennas: Maximize the telecommunications potential of your property by co-locating cell towers and rooftop antennas, offering critical support for mobile network operators.
  • Data Centers and Edge Computing Facilities: Leverage the growing demand for data processing and storage by providing space for data centers and edge computing facilities, crucial for supporting cloud computing and IoT applications.
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Fiber Optics: Enhance connectivity within your property by integrating DAS and fiber optics, supporting high-speed internet access and wireless communication services.
  • Small Cells: Accommodate the deployment of small cells to support denser network coverage and the rollout of 5G technologies.

Energy and Power Infrastructure

  • Energy Storage Units: Partner with energy companies to host energy storage systems, such as battery storage, to support grid stability and renewable energy integration.
  • Solar Farms and Wind Turbines: Utilize available land or rooftops to co-locate solar panels or wind turbines, contributing to sustainable energy generation and benefiting from green energy incentives.
Hydrogen Storage With Wind Turbines,Hydrogen Renewable Energy Production.
Electric Cars Charging

Transportation Infrastructure

  • Billboards: Enhance the visibility and profitability of your property by co-locating advertising billboards, capturing the attention of passersby and motorists.
  • EV Charging Stations: Meet the increasing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure by providing space for EV charging stations, attracting EV owners and supporting sustainable transportation.

How SiteBid Supports Co-Location Strategies

SiteBid Infrastructure provides a comprehensive suite of services to assist property owners in navigating the co-location process, from initial concept to full operationalization.

  • Feasibility Studies: Assess the potential for co-location on your property, considering factors such as space availability, regulatory compliance, and market demand.
  • Partner Matching: Connect with a diverse network of infrastructure providers across communications, energy, and transportation sectors, looking for co-location opportunities.
  • Negotiation and Agreement Facilitation: Leverage our expertise to negotiate favorable terms with infrastructure providers, ensuring mutually beneficial agreements that maximize your revenue potential.
  • Project Management and Support: Receive ongoing support throughout the installation and operational phases of the co-located infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance.

How Co-Location Works

Utility providers, like Wireless carriers, are now sharing sharing resources at infrastructure sites to reduce operating costs. As a site owner, adding multiple carriers, through Co-Location, lowers the risk of decommissioning and adds an additional revenue stream. Choose between our Property Listing Services or fully managed Site Marketing solutions.

Property Listing Services

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Managed Infrastructure Site Marketing

Our experienced site advisors manage the entire leasing process, ensuring your property is marketed effectively to attract the best tenants and secure leases at or above market rates.

New Site Infrastructure
25%* of collected rents
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Portfolio Management
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** $995 one-time setup fee. No monthly fees, exclusive representation, only pay upon contracting. Some services are provided by 3rd party vendors. Additional fees may apply.

Partner with SiteBid for Co-Location Success

Embrace the opportunity to diversify and increase your property’s revenue streams through strategic co-location of utility infrastructure. With SiteBid Infrastructure, you gain access to the expertise, network, and tools needed to successfully implement co-location strategies on your property.

Contact us today to explore how co-location can transform your real estate assets into high-value, multi-functional sites that meet the demands of the modern utility infrastructure market.

Lease Negotiation and Site Management

Utilize our network of experienced utility infrastructure consultants and managers to negotiate your new lease and manage your utility tenant.

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