Utility Site Decommissioning

Disputes are unfortunately common in long-term Infrastructure leases. These disputes often are clerical errors and issues neither party anticipated in the lease.

Early Lease Termination and Decommissioning

Almost all Infrastructure leases have early termination clauses (“escape clause”) that allow the tenant to cancel their leases with a 30-90 day notice. If you’ve received notice that your Infrastructure lease is going to be terminated early and the tower will be decommissioned, we can assist in making sure you’re provided with fair and accurate compensation.

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End of Lease Terms

If your lease agreement is coming to an end, the tenant will likely contact you in advance to re-negotiate a rent at similar or lower terms. However, they often add additional restrictive language in their new leases. Don’t accept a new lease or amendment to your lease until it is reviewed by a consultant who’s on your side!

If a lease is not negotiated, you may be in hold-over and the tenant or Infrastructure company may stop paying rent. This is a common problem because your lease has not been re-activated in their system with new terms OR you’ve gone to a revenue share that they’d prefer not to pay but instead negotiate a lower rent.