Infrastructure Lease Re-Negotiation

SiteBid connects property owners, municipalities, nonprofits and faith-based organizations with complimentary infrastructure lease consultations from experienced consultants.

Lease Amendments

If your lease—be it for a cellular tower, energy storage facility, or any other piece of critical infrastructure—lacks an automatic renewal clause, you may find yourself in a strong position to renegotiate. The leverage you have can vary significantly based on the strategic importance of the location, the number of tenants utilizing the infrastructure, and the potential for additional revenue through lease expansion or taking on operational control for multi-tenant use.

Attempting to navigate lease renegotiation on your own can be fraught with risks, including the possibility of the infrastructure owner relocating their installation or accepting a less-than-optimal agreement. SiteBid’s extensive experience in infrastructure lease renegotiations ensures you achieve terms that favor your interests, maximizing your monthly revenue without jeopardizing the lease itself.

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Lease Negotiation & Management

Our experienced site advisors manage the entire leasing process, ensuring your property is marketed effectively to attract the best tenants and secure leases at or above market rates.

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Handling Leases With Renewal Clauses

For leases with renewal clauses, it’s essential to recognize the significant investment infrastructure owners have made in site development and integration into their broader network. These investments make them inclined to include automatic renewal terms, typically structured to provide incremental revenue increases over time.

However, the value of renegotiating these leases can increase as the expiration date approaches, given the owner’s vested interest in maintaining site continuity. While many recent contracts are legally robust, offering little room for termination by the property owner, defaults by the lessee, such as rent non-payment or unauthorized use of the property, can provide leverage for renegotiation.

Expert Guidance for Renegotiating With Major Infrastructure Operators

Renegotiating leases with major operators presents a unique set of opportunities. These companies are often open to discussions about extending leases, sometimes initially offering modest signing bonuses but also showing willingness to adjust rent upwards as part of the renegotiation process. is adept at navigating the complexities of these negotiations, ensuring property owners can capitalize on opportunities to improve lease terms, whether through immediate rent increases or extended lease durations.

Why Choose for Your Lease Renegotiation Needs?

  • Expertise: Our team brings a wealth of experience in negotiating and renegotiating leases across various infrastructure types, ensuring you have the knowledgeable support needed to secure the best terms.
  • Strategic Insight: We offer comprehensive analyses of your lease’s current terms, the infrastructure’s strategic value, and market conditions to position you effectively in renegotiations.
  • Maximizing Revenue: Our goal is to not only secure better lease terms but also to uncover opportunities for increased revenue through additional tenants or operational efficiencies.

If you’re considering renegotiating your infrastructure lease, whether due to an impending expiration or a desire to optimize terms, offers the expertise and support necessary to navigate this process successfully. Contact us today to explore how we can enhance the value and terms of your infrastructure lease.