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ValueTrack Automated Lease Valuation System

SiteBid Infrastructure offers specialized valuation services designed to assist property owners in accurately assessing the market value (sale value and rental rate estimate) of infrastructure leases on their properties. These services range from basic rent analysis to certified appraisals, ensuring owners have the insights needed to make informed decisions about their assets. Whether you’re considering leasing your property for utility infrastructure, telecommunications, or energy projects, understanding the market value is crucial for negotiating favorable terms.

Rental Rate Analysis
With data on over 23,000 infrastructure leases, property owners can see how their lease compares to other similar infrastructure leases.

Sale Value Analysis
SiteBid consistently analyzes the current infrastructure investment market to accurately predict the estimated sale value of utility infrastructure leases. These algorithms are updated each quarter based on relationships with top hedge funds and infrastructure investment firms.

Infrastructure Lease Market Valuations

Rent Analysis
$0 per lease*
  • Local Market Analysis
  • Lease Comparables
  • Premium Support
Sale Value Estimate
$0 per lease*
  • Investment Sales Analysis
  • Expert Price Opinion
  • Premium Support
Certified Appraisal
Variesper lease*
  • Comprehensive Appraisal Study
  • Certified Appraisal
  • Premium Support