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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about selling your site lease? We’ve got you covered.

SiteBid’s auction marketplace streamlines the Sale of leases and properties with utility infrastructure. If you have an active utility lease on your property, submit your site to our network of investors for free!

The process is simple and 100% online. To get a real offer for your lease, we will ask a few questions, starting with your lease details, which helps us gather specific information about your site. We’ll ask a few quick questions about your location, site information, and property features. Based on this information, we will send your site out to investors interested in your site lease specifics and who are able to make you a cash offer, instantly.

From there, we will ask you to upload a few documents to verify you can sell the lease, and then you choose how you’d like to be paid, and schedule a site inspection to complete the sale. If you have a mortgage on the property we will either need an SNDA signed by the lender or the funds can be used to pay off the mortgage without an SNDA.

The purchase contracts (easement agreement, lease assignment, and/or real estate purchase agreement) will then be sent to you for final review and approval. Once you’ve approved the purchase contracts, a mobile notary will be scheduled for signatures. As soon as the site survey, title report, and purchase contracts are complete, the transaction will be close and payment will be wired to your accounts.

We combine the lease details you provide, such as rent amount, escalator and lease end date, along with data from our records, location demographics,  and our own market analysis. We analyze hundreds of data points to create a real offer, personalized for you. You’ll receive the strongest offer we can give based on our analysis of your lease’s value and current market conditions.