Infrastructure Consulting Services

SiteBid connects property owners, municipalities, nonprofits and faith-based organizations with complimentary infrastructure lease consultations from experienced consultants.

Cell Tower Lease Buyout Options

Property Owner Consultations

Our experienced infrastructure consultants provide results-driven solutions to property owners of all types and sizes. If you are a property owner who is receiving rent for a cell tower, rooftop antenna, or other utility infrastructure on your property(ies), or you’re in the process of negotiating a lease, schedule an initial free property owner consultation with our experienced industry professionals.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes are unfortunately common in long-term wireless leases. Bringing in attorneys as representatives to settle disputes in Wireless Lease matters can significantly add unnecessary costs and delays in obtaining a mutual settlement. These disputes often are clerical errors and issues neither party anticipated in the cell tower lease. SiteBid can assist in connecting you with an experienced consultant who can handle simple or complex disputes between property owners and carriers.

Low Angle View Of Antenna Tower Against A Blue Sky. 5G Network Cell Tower.

Disclosure: SiteBid is not a consultant or service provider. Representation of owners is provided by 3rd party vendors.