Earn with SiteBid’s Referral Partner Program

SiteBid Infrastructure’s referral program is designed for individuals and businesses looking to leverage their networks to facilitate infrastructure development and transactions. Whether you know property owners looking to enhance their sites with utility infrastructure or sell their existing infrastructure leases, referring them to SiteBid can be financially rewarding.

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Refer to the Infrastructure Marketplace

If you know someone looking to add infrastructure to their property or if they have an existing infrastructure lease, refer them to SiteBid and earn $$$. Infrastructure assets encompass a wide range of categories, including:

Property Listing Referrals

Refer property owners to list their infrastructure assets on SiteBid. When your referral upgrades their listing from a basic to a featured or platinum site listing, you earn a 10% commission. This tiered listing structure offers enhanced visibility and higher transaction potential for property owners, making it an attractive option for referrals.

  • Featured Site Listing: Increased visibility in search results and marketing support.
  • Platinum Site Listing: Premium positioning, comprehensive marketing, and personalized support.
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Lease Auction & Seller Referrals

When a property owner you referred decides to sell their infrastructure site lease, SiteBid offers two paths: a direct sale service or listing the lease for auction. You’ll earn a $1,500 referral bonus for each successful closing, providing a substantial incentive for connecting SiteBid with potential sellers.

  • Direct Sale: A straightforward sale process for infrastructure leases.
  • SiteBid Auction: A competitive auction platform maximizing the sale value of infrastructure leases.

How to Join the Referral Program

Join Partner Program

Sign up for the SiteBid Infrastructure Partner Program to gain access to resources, tracking tools, and support to ensure your referrals are successful. The Partner Program is designed to help you maximize your referral potential.

Access the Affiliate Portal

Use the Affiliate Portal to track your referrals, view potential earnings, and access marketing materials that can assist in your referral efforts. The portal is an essential tool for managing your activities and optimizing your referral strategy.

Get Started

Leverage your network and industry knowledge to earn through SiteBid Infrastructure’s referral program. With a wide range of infrastructure assets and a robust platform for listing and transactions, your referrals can lead to significant benefits for both you and the property owners you connect with SiteBid.