Lease Advisor

SiteBid provides free lease management tools to for property owners, municipalities, nonprofits and faith-based organizations.

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Site Lease Analysis

Get a personalized value for your site lease(s) based on the lease terms, market area, demand and more.  Access key information about your site’s lease value, market trends and competitive data, empowering you to make informed decisions. SiteBid’s proprietary technology scans thousands of lease transactions and evolving market conditions to get you a real value.

Free Lease Management Tools

Site owners can access free site management tools including access to a personalized Site Manager. Keep all your documents and contacts in one place and get customized reports and downloadable resources to help manage your infrastructure site lease.

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Infrastructure Site Listings

Today’s property owners need more control, data, and representation when negotiating utility infrastructure leases and easements on their property. So we built something nobody else would. Combining our passion for real estate with technology and data science, we created an unrivaled transaction platform hosting over 400k properties with active utility infrastructure leases.

Managed Site Marketing

Let our experienced site advisors oversee all aspects of your site marketing, lease negotiation, installation design, site upgrades, and collection of rents. We provide full-service marketing solutions to get your property leased at or above market rate.

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Lease Data & Analytics

Through owner-to-owner connections and open-source data, we strive to put lease analytics in the hands of landlords and owners to help with communications, power, transportation, and utility infrastructure lease negotiations. We’ve compiled data on over 23,000 leases to provide market analytics not available to the market.

Lease Auctions & Seller Services

SiteBid’s marketplace streamlines the Sale of leases and properties with utility infrastructure. If you have an active utility lease on your property, submit your site to our network of investors for free! We Guarantee an offer on your Lease within 72 hours!

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Access to Local Experts

We continue to bring owners, investors, and utility companies closer together because interaction across both sides of the transaction unleashes the power of the SiteBid marketplace.

Disclosure: SiteBid is not a consultant or service provider. Representation of owners is provided by 3rd party vendors.