Infrastructure Sites

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Find and Manage Infrastructure Assets

Search infrastructure assets and click view site details to learn more about the site location, including tenant history, current rents, demographics, and site statistics. If you're a Property Owner you can list your real estate interests for lease to find cell phone and wireless infrastructure companies who will install a cell tower on your property. If you have an existing wireless lease you can also select to sell your existing lease through either an Easement or Master Lease agreement by launching a site auction.

The SiteBid infrastructure marketplace includes Cell Towers, Data Centers, Billboards, EV Charging Stations - among many other options. National carriers, Tower Companies, and Network operators utilize SiteBid to find new locations to lease in addition to utilizing the Premium Site Management tools available through our Site Manager.

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The information provided in the directory is intended to be reliable but is not guaranteed.
It is always recommended to conduct your own research and due diligence when considering making an offer on any site listed in the directory.

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